Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Cute Bellies

I had the privilege of photographing two beautiful sisters who were about 6 weeks apart in their pregnancies. 

Amy and Logan had found out the sex of baby, and knew they were going to be blessed with a little boy!

Nicole is a painter and wanted I to incorporate that into her photos.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Washington DC (day five)

Shown below is a sword that was used by George Washington!

Mount Vernon below

The choir performed in front of the driveway going to up to the house

The "Necessary" shown below (better known as the outhouse!)

 the view overlooking Potomac River at Mount Vernon

George and Martha's tomb!

We said farewell to Washington DC after visiting Mount Vernon; it was a wonderful experience with great people and hope to do it again at some point in my life! 

Washington DC (day four)

The Kennedy's grave site blow

At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The choir performed at the WWII Memorial

They also performed at the Lincoln Memorial

They couldn't be serious ALL the time! 

We also were able to spend more time at the museums...Aren't you glad the dentist doesn't use these chairs anymore?! 

One of George Washington's suits shown below

Had to stop and "smell the flowers" 

We went to the National Zoo!

We also had some delicious desserts!

And to top off the evening we went to the Kennedy Center for a play called "Shear Madness"