Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Washington D.C. day 1 (and the trip there and back)

So...I'm really trying to get better about blogging....and I've got a few sessions in the wings waiting to be uploaded here, but since we're on the trip I thought I ought to update you guys!
The pictures following are some of the few that I'm taking as my husband and I are chaperoning a high school choir to -- you guessed it -- Washington D.C. So, our first stop along the way was the University of Wisconsin in Madison for the choir to participate in a clinic with the Director of Choral Activities: Beverly Taylor. The choir is seen below performing one of their pieces for her.
Our next stop along the way was the Interfaith House in Chicago, Illinois. We brought welcome packets and clothing donations, for members and future members of this house, and then the choir performed a Community Service concert for them.

We ended day one with a fleeting view of Chicago, and an exquisitely long ride to Monroeville, Pennsylvania at which we arrived at 3:00am--I didn't dare take any pics of us at that hour...we can each hold our own special memory of that time frame :)

I will post some more tomorrow, but for tonight, it is time for some rest!